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Spectral Readings (Liverpool) & Ghost Paper


Liverpool Biennial, Liverpool, United Kingdom


Spectral Readings (Liverpool) & Ghost Paper
Liverpool Biennial 2012
Liverpool, United Kingdom

Mitchell's work is an attempt to understand and articulate — in the artist's own words — the place "where both the scientist and the shaman illuminate the unseen"; the boundaries of perception and invisibility.


Two new works for the 2012 Biennial are presented. The first takes the form of a wallpaper, which covers the upper rooms of The Munro on Duke Street — a building which dates back to 1756. The design of the wallpaper, which at first appears as a familiar domestic pattern, is printed with an interlocking diagram that references and adapts Marcel Duchamp's equation "A Guest + A Host = A Ghost". In the same space a series of hollow glass objects: containers or traps for ghost stories. The sculptures take shape and harden as local tales are spoken into the molten glass by the artist.

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