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Dane Mitchell, Institut D'Art Contemporain


Villeurbanne/Rhône-Alpes, France

Dust Archive (Stedelijk Museum), 2007

Archival inkjet print on dibond

800 x 800mm


From the Dust Archive (AGNSW), 2003

Archival inkjet print on dibond

800 x 800mm


From the Dust Archive (MoMA), 2007

Archival inkjet print on dibond

800 x 800mm

Positronium, 2018

homeopathic formula, plastic, pump, vapouriser

dimensions variable


Weight of the World (North), 2015


32 x 40 x 40 cm


Clairalience (Three Ozone Notes), 2015

Parfum, papier, laiton

Dimensions variable


Sketches of Meteorological Phenomena, 2014 - 2017

Sand, glass

Dimensions variable

The work of New Zealand/Aotearoa artist Dane Mitchell probes elusive zones, transitions between materiality and immateriality, intuition and knowledge, absence and presence.

Based on natural elements (light, rain, vapor), his research tends to transcend our manner of perceiving these manifestations and to explore the limits of our perceptions.

Refined and discrete, Mitchell’s artworks emerge from an attempt to capture and fix organic, fleeting substances. Sometimes accompanied by scientific apparatus (parabola, pumps, equipment for making measurements), sometimes transformed (metal alloys, perfume), the materials employed are subjected to a number of experiments by way of subtle sensorial systems (vaporization of an odor, occultation of sight, lures) or through their reconfiguration in space (contextual shifts, play with scale).

Starting with these interventions, Mitchell plays with scientific principles that are based on vision, the permanence of matter and our objective understandings of the physical phenomena that we experience in everyday life. With a lightness in manner, he diverts and reuses scientific vocabulary to keep our discernment at a distance and arouse our imagination.

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